Viking tom

Viking Tom is a Veteran of the United States Navy, he served 6 years and 2 tours overseas on the USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier. After his Naval Career Tom went to College and received a Bachelors degree in Film Science and Entertainment.


Immediately following his Graduation Tom was flow to Los Angeles to be the Leadman on the set of Real Rob starring Rob Schneider on Netflix. He continued to work on a variety of TV shows, features and small independent films until he was hired on as a Producer for FOX, NBC and Station Manager at My21TV Based in Reno NV.

After working in Reno for a few years Tom was transferred to Macon GA to be a Producer and online Content creator for FOX and ABC.  Tom later returned to Reno

where he took up a position running Live music events, comedy shows, plays, and musicals at the Eldorado Resort.

Flex Chambers

Flex Chambers is a veteran of the United States Navy, serving for 5 years as a Naval Hospital Corpsman attached to the 7th Marine Regiment. As a Corpsman Flex deployed twice overseas to train with foreign militaries. 

Following his discharge from the military Flex attended college graduating with a bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University  in Justice Studies with an emphasis in intelligence. 

Flex works with our community theatre company, Beale Street Theatre playing in more than 15 different theatre productions locally and throughout the state, to include directing and technical direction. 

In his free time Flex enjoys riding motorcycles, traveling and writing. 


The K-Man is a veteran of the United States Army, serving for 9 years as both a Crew Chief on a Kiowa Warrior OH-58D for the 82nd Airborne and a Geospatial Engineer for the 8th Theater Sustainment Command. As an Army Sergeant K-Man deployed twice for Joint Taskforce missions.

Following his discharge from the Army, K-Man attended college and graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Art Institute in Digital Film Video Production. K-Man is also listed in IMDB for two movie productions from the Austin, Texas area.

K-Man is a recent transplant from Austin, Texas. In his free time K-Man enjoys riding his motorcycle, traveling, and lending a hand with movie productions.

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