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Year-Old Interstate 40 Shooting Death Resolved

A year-old Interstate 40 off ramp shooting death in Kingman has been resolved in a plea agreement.

32 year-old Bradley Stumpf pleaded guilty to second degree murder for the February 11, 2019 death of 46 year-old Jason McCaffery.

Prosecutor Karolina Czaplinska told Mohave County Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle that McCafferty had taken Stumpf to Phenix for a work assignment but that McCafferty decided to return to Kingman because Stumpf's behavior had become erratic and strange.

She said that behavior continued on the drive home during which Stumpf grabbed and pulled the steering wheel while McCafferty was driving, nearly forcing the vehicle from the freeway.

Czaplinska said as the vehicle traversed the I-40/Stockton Hill off ramp in Kingman Stumpf pointed a 9mm. handgun at McCafferty's face.

She Said a single shot fired into the victim's chin traveled down through his neck and into his left lung. Court records revealed that Stumpf told investigators that he had been hearing voices in his head for months and that he was hearing them again.

Terms of the plea agreement require Judge Carlisle to impose a 10-20 year prison term during a February 6th sentencing hearing.

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