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AZDOR Looks To Return Unclaimed Property

The Arizona Department of Revenue is hoping that individuals will file for unclaimed property with the state.

Ed Greenberg, a spokesperson for ADOR, said that “the unit is attempting to find the rightful owners of millions of dollars that ADOR has been safeguarding”.

Mr. Greenberg went on to say further that the agency has been sending out notices to property owners and families who didn’t realize that they had money that was owed to them.

According to an information bulletin sent out by ADOR “Unclaimed property generally consists of money due to an individual from sources like old bank accounts, uncashed payroll checks, tax refunds, credit balances, rebates, returned deposits and dormant safe deposit boxes”.

In the Mohave County area the total amount that is currently awaiting claim is $29.8 million, with totals at $7.5 million in Kingman, $8 million in Bullhead City and $9.1 million for Lake Havasu.

If you would like to find more information on how to find unclaimed property, contact the Arizona Department of Revenue at and click on the unclaimed property tab.

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