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Board Of Supervisors Vote To Make Kingman A Sanctuary City.

The Mohave County Board of supervisors met Monday November 4th in Kingman to discuss among other things the proposal to make Kingman a 2nd Amendment sanctuary city.

In her opening Statement to the board Chairwoman Hildy Angus remark on her reasoning for proposing a resolution that would effectively not change anything in the existing law.

"Anyone who's been paying attention to what's going on around us sees there is traction to implement gun control laws even here in Arizona. When I put this on the agenda some people laughed, asked me why would need this since we already have, we have all our gun rights. Well things are happening at warp speed in this country, and it happens incrementally and then one day you look around and say what happened to my country, what happened to my rights? I refuse to let that happen in Mohave County without a fight." -Hildy Angus-

The resolution was approved unanimously by the board and all the members of the community who chose to speak agreed with the resolution, with the exception of Mary McCord Robison, the leader of the local Democrats, who herself is a gun owner.

"What I'm apposed to is brining it forward at this time. I think there needs to more discussion, I think there needs to be more and better understanding. This is the first time it's come up in this county. Social media obviously lit up, a lot over the weekend and I don't think enough people really had a chance to really understand what it means to be a sanctuary city or a county." -Mary McCord Robison-

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