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Fire Chief Thanks Food Business Partners For Support

The City of Kingman has expressed thanks for acts of kindness provided to local firefighters during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Fire Chief Jake Rhoades said the local brother-sister business partnership of Mark Peterson and Krystal Burge quietly stepped up with food delivery on multiple occasions during the month of April, and beyond.

The Dambar Steakhouse, Pizza Hut and other Burge-Peterson owned enterprises have been delivering food within area communities, including Kingman fire stations.

``Krystal early on in the COVID-19 process, whenever everybody first locked down, without me even knowing it she, had pizzas and food delivered to all of our firehouses,” Rhoades said. ``It’s one of those things, whenever you hear about these deeds, especially during this difficult time that we’re all going through. And for somebody to reach out under their own business hardship and something so simple as giving some pizzas to all of our firefighters, it’s really awesome.” Rhoades and staff members visited Burge and Peterson on March 12, presenting them a handwritten thank you letter and Fire Chief honorary commendation coins. ``We meant it to be special and I think, in this case, that it was,” Rhoades said.

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