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food stamp fraud plea

A Kingman couple is accused of engaging in fraud to steal almost $90,000 in food stamps from the state of Arizona. The Arizona Attorney General’s office named Kimberly Clark, 42, and Brian Clark, 47, in a lengthy indictment that alleges theft of $89,577.96 over a six-year period ending in early 2018.

Mrs. Clark recently pleaded guilty to attempted fraud and theft charges. She faces 90 days in jail and up to three year’s probation when sentenced by Mohave County Superior Court Judge Doug Camacho on August 11.

Payment of restitution is another prong of the plea deal.

Prosecutor Evan Malady told Judge Camacho that victims in the case are the Department of Economic Security and the Arizona State Health Care Cost Containment System. Malady explained that Mrs. Clark omitted her co-defendant’s income from her food stamp application to keep household income under the threshold for eligibility.

Malady said Mrs. Clark would not have been eligible for the benefits had she included Mr. Clark’s income on the application paperwork. He said the couple fraudulently enjoyed family food provision while preserving their income for other expenditures.

Malady told the Court that he does not believe Mr. Clark will accept a plea agreement. He said it appears the second case will go to trial.

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