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North Kingman rancher and businessman Mike Gannuscio wants to return to the Mohave County Sheriff’s office to lead the department in a new direction. Gannuscio is challenging re-election seeking Sheriff Doug Schuster in the upcoming republican primary election.

Gannuscio was an equipment mechanic, fabricator and welder when he moved from California to Arizona in 2001 to help his parents run their business in Meadview. Gannuscio joined the sheriff’s office as a deputy in 2006. ``It was a very satisfying experience until I got hurt on the job and wasn’t able to be on patrol anymore,” he said.

Gannuscio said he was unable to straighten his arm following surgery to repair torn elbow ligaments. He had started a small business venture prior to the injury and decided to leave the sheriff’s office because he didn’t want to be relegated to non-patrol duties.

Gannuscio said what started as a one pickup truck operation has grown to nine semi-trucks, additional equipment and acreage that he uses to grow forage to supply ranchers and equestrians in the region, and dairy farms in California.

``We’ve got a feed store out in Golden Valley. I’ve got a farm Parker and I’ve got a ranch on the north end of Kingman, so we’re pretty diversified,” Gannuscio said. ``I’m a simple businessman that has lots of experience and the change that I’ll bring to Mohave County will be great.”

Gannuscio said his business acumen can improve current law enforcement administration.

``I don’t want to pick at the sheriff. He has my respect,” Gannuscio said. ``I just want to do something different than what he’s doing. Our sheriff has been a cop his entire life. He doesn’t have any business experience that’s successful at all.”

Gannuscio said he wants to employ a community policing model because he thinks manpower deployment leaves rural communities under served.

``We can’t keep deputies in the major metropolises and just leave everyone else out unless there’s a call for service,’’ he said. ``You still have to have some type of patrol in those areas.”

Gannuscio said he believes he can procure fleet vehicles and body camera equipment in more cost-effective fashion than the current administration. He said there’s a disconnect between department brass and other tiers within the department that he can improve with his people skills.

Gannuscio declined to indicate who he would name as Chief Deputy if elected.

``I’m not going to put any names out there. This race is about me,” he said. ``I will tell you that I will bring in people from other areas that have experience with better programs and bring some outside influence back into Mohave County.”

Gannuscio said citizens interested in his campaign can reach call his cell phone (928-715-2235) or contact him by accessing his personal or Mike Gannuscio for sheriff Facebook pages.

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