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Gunfire In North Kingman


Random gunfire disturbed the peace in several north Kingman neighborhoods early Saturday. Mohave County Sheriff's office spokeswoman Anita Mortensen said deputies first responded at 12:26 a.m. to a report of gunfire near a home in the vicinity of Norrie Dr. and Shaeffer Ave.

   ``Multiple other calls from nearby residences were received  while deputies were responding," Mortensen said. ``The Kingman Police Department had advised of a similar incident in another part of town and advised a grey-colored truck was involved with multiple occupants in the cab and more occupants in the truck bed."

   Deputies reportedly collected shell casings from the roadway during their first stop before responding to a report of more gunfire in the 3100 block of Suffock St. at 12:38 a.m. ``Deputies located more shell casings in the roadway and heard more gun shots in the nearby area," Mortensen said.

   A traffic stop was executed after the suspect vehicle was spotted on Bank St. Eight people were removed from the vehicle before officers seized a Glock 9 mm handgun from the back seat and an AK-47 rifle from the bed of the truck.

   Ammunition seized from in and outside the vehicle reportedly matched casings found at the shooting scenes.

   Mortensen said Phillip Henry Dinges, 23, Kingman admitted owning and solely possessing the handgun, while Brian Adam Dorris, 23, Kingman, admitted owning and solely possessing the rifle.

   ``Both men advised they were going out to the desert to go shooting, however, neither male admitted to firing the weapons before being detained," Mortensen said. Both suspects were booked into the Adult Detention Center for disorderly conduct with a weapon.

  The other six subjects initially detained were released at the scene. No one was injured.

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