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Inmate Infection Updates

Two new coronavirus infections are documented among the inmate population at the Mohave County Adult Detention Center in Kingman. Positive Thursday test results for the male inmates prompted their placement in medical isolation cells where they will undergo additional testing during a cautionary 14-day quarantine.

One of the inmates traces to the Bullhead City service area and the other the Lake Havasu City service area. One inmate is in the 30 to 39 age bracket and the other the 50-59 age group.

``Both men were in the regular intake quarantine process at the time of testing, however, were moved out of quarantine prior to having full medical clearance for general housing,” said Captain Don Bischoff. ``Because these two inmates were housed prematurely, there is a potential exposure to other inmates in the housing unit. As a precaution we will be conducting a ``cohort quarantine” of the potentially exposed inmates and will monitor them daily for symptoms and illness.”

Judge Billy Sipe referenced the ``cohort quarantine’ during a hearing he conducted Friday afternoon. He said the Courts had been advised that 80 inmates are part of that group and their status could impact scheduled hearings.

``Thursday’s testing brings the number of samples collected and tested by the jail to more than 250 diagnostic tests resulting in just six lab confirmed positive cases involving our inmates,” sheriff’s office spokeswoman Anita Mortensen said in a news release. ``Those who have tested positive so far have not been ill or displayed any COVID-19 like symptoms.”

Bischoff said his staff has been working closely with the Department of Public Health since the start of the pandemic to implement best practice to prevent exposure, infection and spread of COVID-19.

``Our jail administration continue to coordinate efforts with our public health and jail medical partners to ensure the safety of our inmates, staff and community,” Bischoff said. ``A thorough review of our processes will be conducted and action taken as necessary to prevent similar future incidences from occurring.”

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