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An Indio, California man who tossed suitcases full of methamphetamine onto Interstate 40 during a police chase has been given a 7.5-year prison term. The punishment for Pedro Aguirre, 38, was stipulated in a plea agreement convicting him of possession of dangerous drugs for sale.

Authorities said Aguirre was the passenger in a sedan that was the subject of an attempted traffic stop for an illegal lane change two miles east of Kingman on January 23. The pursuing Mohave County Sheriff’s deputy saw two travel bags thrown out of the passenger window.

``One of the bags hit the ground and broke open, causing a cloud of white powder to be strewn across the interstate,” spokeswoman Anita Mortensen said in a news release. She said the area was secured and that Aguirre and two other subjects were detained when the vehicle stopped three miles east of Kingman.

``Approximately 20.4 pounds of a white crystalline substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine was recovered, along with a 1.2 pound bundle of counterfeit oxycodone pills believed to be fentanyl laced,” the news release said. ``A second suitcase containing another 25.4 pounds of a white crystalline substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine was also located near the broken open suitcase.”

Also arrested at the scene were the driver Guadalupe Astorga, 44, and another passenger, Saul Ceberoz, 17, both of California. Prosecutor Amanda Claerhout said the defendants provided conflicting information to authorities.

Claerhout said investigators were first told that the drugs were to be delivered in Flagstaff and then that the drugs were instead intended for Kingman. Astorga awaits trial on multiple drug charges.

Claerhout said Ceberoz has agreed to terms of a plea agreement that has not yet been entered in Court.

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