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Mayor Jen Miles is calling for civility, respect and tolerance as Kingman area residents debate everything from COVID-19 restrictions to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Miles said she is thankful that recent BLM demonstrations at Locomotive Park downtown were mostly peaceful and without injury.

And the Mayor hopes it remains that way.

Miles told fellow council members Tuesday that she and city manager Ron Foggin have been bombarded with emails regarding display and sale of the Confederate Flag at the Thunder-Rode apparel business adjacent to the park. Owner Jack Alexander has a poster board on his property that denotes the history and heritage of the “Battle Flag”. Confederate flags and other monuments and symbols of the Civil War have been under scrutiny during racial activism across the nation. Many have called for their removal from state capitol grounds, court houses and other public property. Miles said Kingman citizen Dominic Tapia has orchestrated like-minded local residents to send emails to city officials urging them to allow a BLM symbol to be displayed in the park, as a statement intended to counterbalance the flag presence at Thunder-Rode. Alexander has countered with his own letter to city officials contending he has rights as an American, business owner, taxpayer to fly, display and sell the flags. Miles said she and Foggin have decided that the City should respect everyone’s Constitutional rights. She said it would be inflammatory for the city to take one side or another. ``It’s time to de-escalate. It is not a position for this city to try to take sides at this point,’’ Miles said. ``Our position is that the as a city we are going to uphold the oaths that we took to allow people to exercise their rights but maintain decorum and civility the best that we can.”

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