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Retiring Kingman Police Chief Bob Devries presented his last annual report during the March 3 City Council meeting. His biggest regret is that some manpower challenges limited Kingman Police Department (KPD) proactivity in 2019.

``We did see a decline in our traffic stops,” Devries said. ``We had a significant drop but our traffic division was cut and our officers were down by 20%.”

Devries told council members arrest numbers were down slightly in 2019 but still pretty consistent with recent year’s past. He noted the Department typically logs a little more than 2,000 adult and juvenile arrests each year.

Devries said property crimes were down last year as were domestic violence cases. And the agency boasts a very strong criminal case clearance rate.

``The national average right now for clearing major crimes is 62%,” the Chief said. ``The Kingman Police Department, I’m very proud to say, we’re at an 83% clearance rate. That’s again, something that this community can be very proud of.”

Devries lists achieving accreditation status last fall as a major KPD accomplishment for 2019. Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter agrees.

``That demonstrates to the whole community a certain level of commitment and dedication to what you guys do and I’m very proud of that and I know the community is too,” Lingenfelter said.

Chief Devries also highlighted a new text survey tool that the City uses to measure customer service satisfaction following public involvement with police and fire personnel.

``We’re achieving a 97% customer satisfaction rate, which for law enforcement services, that’s phenomenal,” Devries said. ``I’m extremely proud of our staff and the service they provide and the professionalism they carry forward.”

``Those numbers are amazing,” said Council member Jamie Scott Stehly. ``Thank you for your hard work. I’m going to miss seeing you up here Chief.”

Mayor Jen Miles also praised Devries as he prepares to retire this spring.

``I’ve been very blessed and fortunate to have a phenomenal team. They do a great job day in and day out,” Devries.

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