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Kingman Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter has been selected for the Mohave County Procurement Director Position. Lingenfelter’s proposed hiring at an annual salary of $102,000 will be considered during the Board of Supervisors meeting next Monday.

Lingfenfelter was offered the position Monday after he and another applicant finalist from Florida were interviewed by a screening panel comprised largely of county department heads. Lingenfelter is declining comment before the Board considers his hiring next week.

Lingenfelter is also a declared candidate for District 1 supervisor, but Human Resources Director Ken Cunningham said he will have to drop out of the race if he becomes Procurement Director.

Lingenfelter served as Mohave County Procurement Manager from July, 2004 until October, 2010 before he worked as County Economic Development Director until November, 2012. He exited county employment to administer Mohave Educational Services until he worked as Mohave County legislative liaison and special projects coordinator from December, 2013 until June, 2014.

Lingenfelter will start his new job on April 2, pending Board approval. Exiting Procurement Director Rebecca O’Brien begins retirement April 6.

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