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A 15.5-year prison term has been ordered for a Modesto,California man who stole property from the Good Samaritan who gave him a place to stay, beat his wife in Dolan Springs and fired bullets at Mohave County Sheriff's office deputies. The punishment for Wendell Odom, 37, was mandated in a plea agreement that Judge Billy Sipe "reluctantly" approved before sentencing in Kingman Wednesday.

   Investigation began last March when Dolan springs resident Vaughan Hargave reported a firearm had been stolen when Odom left his property. Deputies learned that Odom had been abusing his wife and they encountered gunfire when the two tried to confront him on April 3, 2019. No one was injured.

      Odom was convicted of theft of a firearm for stealing a weapon from Hargave. He was also convicted of aggravated assault charges for harming his wife and for firing in the direction of deputies.

   During a previous hearing Judge Sipe noted that Odom brutalized his wife when he secured her to a chair with duct tape and abused her with a knife, machete, ice pick, butt of a gun, flashlight and a frying pan before firing at deputies about a week later.

   Attorney Kenneth Beane told the Court that Odom was under the influence of drugs during the crime spree.

   Sixteen other criminal counts, including multiple kidnapping and aggravated assault charges were dismissed in the plea agreement that resolved the case.

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