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School Begins For KUSD

The new school year has begun for 7,000 students in the Kingman Unified School District (KUSD). Most will engage in online education while some will study at various district buildings. 

Two scheduled transitions will bring most of the kids back to class on October 19. Superintendent Gretchen Dorner asks parents to be patient as the school district tries to teach through the pandemic. 

``This is new territory for parents, teachers, for administrators, for the entire community and the landscape has changed multiple times and we responded positively as a community,” Dorner said. ``I know tensions can be high and emotions are all over the place and people don’t feel like they have all of the answers. Everyone should just exhale. It’s going to work out.” 

Face coverings will be required in district buildings with various exceptions. 

``We are charged with the safety of our staff and students, and whether we have political agreements or disagreements within the community, when we are inside our schools we have executive orders,” Dorner said. ``We have the safety of 7,000 kids and their families at the forefront of our minds and we will make sure there’s compliance with the mandates.” 

Dorner said parents with questions should first seek answers from the building their children would ordinarily attend class.  They can also contact the district administration office (753-5678).

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