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Election Day 2019

Yesterday November 5th was election day for different parts of the country and here in Mohave county we had several initiatives on the ballot that were voted on in this all mail in ballot.

First was Question 414, The Kingman Unified School District Bond Initiative, where voters were being asked by the governing board of the school district to authorize the issue and sale of general obligation bonds in principal amounts not to exceed $35 Million. The bonds would be sold over the next four years with voter approval and will later be repaid through the levy of a secondary property tax within the district. Though the official results have not been posted currently 63% have voted no.

Next up on the ballot was Proposition 415 authorizing the city of bullhead to pursue acquisition of the local water system from EPCOR Arizona Water. The bond question capped the amount to be financed at $130 million though EPCOR has reported its system is worth more than that while the city has countered that it is worth considerably less. This vote is too close to call at this time with votes for the proposition showing a slight lead of 2%

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