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One contractor is remodeling and expanding Kingman Fire Station 2 and another is building training structures on the same two-cre parcel  at 1605 Harrison St. T.R. Orr Incorporated is remodeling the 3,300 sq. ft. structure and building additional space on the east and west ends of the building.

   ``On the Andy Devine Avenue side there is an additional apparatus bay. That adds another 1,000 sq. ft. Part of that area, about 600 sq. ft. will be dedicated for a gymnasium that we've never had at that station," said Assistant Chief Keith Eaton. He said about 2,600 sq. ft. of space is being added on the west side of existing building that will house up to six firefighters and a Battalion Chief.

   Plans to build a brand new fire station for $4.5-million were scuttled after voters repealed part of the Transaction Privilege Tax in 2018. The 3,700 sq. ft. addition and remodel that carries a $1-million price tag should be completed by late September.

   Eaton said part of the original structure was constructed in the early 1960's, making it Kingman's most antiquated fire station. He said the upgrade is long overdue.

   ``This is a huge deal. We're super excited about this project," he said. Eaton said Station 2 is Kingman's busiest, with about 45% of the Department's calls for service dispatched there.

   Another contractor, WHP Training Towers, is building three training structures on the grounds of Station 2. They include a 4.5-story tower and single and two-story burn buildings.

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