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Mayor Brady Under Fire

COVID-19 restrictions and closures bringing frustration across America were very apparent during Tuesday’s Bullhead City council meeting. About a dozen citizens railed against partial park and beach closures and mask wearing directives ordered by Mayor Tom Brady.

One citizen called city Manager Toby Cotter a liar and another branded mayor Brady a communist and a coward who caved to mob pressure to impose coronavirus related restrictions.

Brady responded that he’s made no decision in a vacuum and that his directives are the byproduct of countless daily briefings and meetings with public health officials and agencies and medical experts. Brady said he’s trying to prevent sickness and death in Bullhead City.

``We will stay the course regarding the wearing of masks until sometime in the future. And to those of you say it’s unconstitutional, let me remind you that over 40 states have some type of mask requirements and no one has challenged any of those states in court and won,” Brady said.

``So please, stop dividing our community and think about helping to protect everyone from a virus you may not even know that you have by wearing a mask simply when indoors and in a public establishment.”

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