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The public may learn more about a multi-billion-dollar data storage project that is eight months behind schedule sometime next month. The Pegasus Group Holdings and Plus Minus Power partnership announced in June, 2019 that the $3-billion ``Hive” would be operating about 12 miles south of Kingman before 2020.

The partners last December announced a 5$-billion second project phase dubbed ``Firefly”. Nine months later, the economic development project is stalled without explanation.

Mohave County economic development director Tami Ursenbach told the board of supervisors Monday that the enterprise has not been able to procure trailers they planned for their operation.

``They’re doing some restructuring within the company. They have a new CEO and because they’ve not been able to get the trailers they have had to come up with a new process which is actually going to be more tax money for the county,” Ursenbach said. She said company officials may address the Board in person sometime in September.

``They’re hoping to be here and explain where they’re at and what they’re doing next month at the next Board of Supervisors meeting,” Ursenbach said. ``Because their new CEO started 3 weeks ago and they’re going through this restructuring process within, now they’re going to get the power differently than what they anticipated and the buildings they’re going to be constructing, they’d like to be able to pull that whole planned together before they come and present.”

Supervisor Ron Gould suggested the county should postpone planned construction of a half million-dollar upgrade of a portion of Apache Road near the project, given a lack of progress. Board Chairman Jean Bishop said the road improvement is for any industry that may locate near Griffith energy, not just the data storage endeavor.

Gould dissented in the 4-1 Board vote approving the county road program, which includes the Apache Road improvement.

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