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A 5.5-year prison term was ordered Monday for a Fort Mohave woman who crippled a man in a hit-and-run drunk driving accident. Genevieve Bowen, 56, was sentenced by Mohave County Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle.

Bowen was convicted at trial of two aggravated assault counts, two driving under the influence of alcohol charges and for leaving the scene of an accident involving serious physical injury. Authorities said a vehicle driven by Bowen swerved before striking a pedestrian near a gravel pit in the vicinity of the 500 block of Aztec Road in July, 2018.

``It was an accident. I never saw him,” Bowen said from jail through a video link to the Court. ``I didn’t know I hit him and I’m ashamed of that.”

The defendant’s husband, Doug Bowen, told the Court that the 42-year-old man who was struck had been walking in the roadway. The former Marine who played college football at the University of Hawaii begged Judge Carlisle for leniency.

``I’ve never asked my government for anything,” Mr. Bowen said. ``That’s my world sitting in that orange jump suit.”

The Court was also asked to consider that Bowen had her view obstructed by sunlight and that she thought she struck a tire.

Defense attorney Chris Rasmussen said it was a mix of confusion, fear and panic that saw Bowen drive away from the scene of the accident. ``She was scared and shocked,” he said.

Judge Carlisle said the amount of blood on her windshield should have convinced Bowen she had struck something other than a tire. He also said that Bowen made conscious decisions to drink and drive no matter the dynamics of the vehicle-pedestrian collision.

``It doesn’t seem like she’s taking responsibility,” said prosecutor Jaimye Ashley. ``She has absolutely no remorse.

Ashley told the Court that the victim, a 6’ 8” tall man, suffered permanent brain damage in the accident. She said he uses a wheel chair and sometimes “crab crawls” around his house because he cannot stand.

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