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A plea agreement has been entered for a teenager held responsible for separate fatal traffic accident and violent robbery incidents in Golden Valley. Marcus Blanchard, 18, pleaded guilty Wednesday to armed robbery and negligent homicide.

Prosecutor Bob Moon told the Court that Blanchard was just 16 years old when other juveniles were scared he was driving too fast before he lost control and crashed a vehicle on State Route 68 in May, 2018. Moon said two minors were injured and another was killed when partially ejected.

Aggravated assault and manslaughter charges would be dismissed in exchange for the negligent homicide conviction.

Moon told Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle that the armed robbery conviction involved Blanchard trying to take a bag of pot from a person he approached in a vehicle outside a party at 3530 North Bonita Road. Moon said Blanchard used a pistol or a pellet gun to strike the victim, fracturing his skull.

Judge Carlisle neither accepted nor rejected the proposed plea agreement. He told attorneys they should be prepared to try to convince him to approve it at a potential sentencing hearing he scheduled March 16. He expressed concern that terms of the deal limits prison time to 15.5 years, he committed the armed robbery in March, 2018 at North Bonita Road.

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