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Water project, Galloway approved

Mohave County is moving forward with a water conservation project that aims to mitigate agricultural depletion of the Hualapai Valley Groundwater Basin, from which Kingman depends upon for supply. The Board of Supervisors voted Monday to approve an application seeking permission to develop three infiltration basins along the Rattlesnake Wash in north Kingman.

Project leader Nick Hont told supervisors that sand and gravel soil composition makes the selected areas ideal for recharge. ``This is the optimal location where water will go down fast and will percolate and infiltrate fast,” Hont said.

Board Chairman Jean Bishop said the infiltration project will also serve as a flood control tool that will benefit schools and a number of other properties in the area.``It not only provides recharge for the Hualapai Basin, but it’s also going to help control some of the storm water damage in the lower areas,” Bishop said.

Hont said he and others will look for grant money that could help fund project development.

   ``It's a project we've been working on for about four years now and I'm very excited to see it coming to fruition," said supervisor Gary Watson.

Supervisors also voted Monday to extend the employment of Roger Galloway, who has served as Mohave County Communications Director on an interim basis for the last six months. Galloway said he is eager to carry on.

``To be very candid I would be very excited to continue in the position,” Galloway said. He said he quickly became focused on managing Mohave County COPVID-19 communications, just weeks after he started in February.

``Things started changing rapidly toward the end of March as we all know and I hope genuinely that my addition has helped make things a little bit easier for the understanding of what’s going on,” Galloway said.

Board members praised Galloway for his information flow during the pandemic. Bishop and supervisor Hildy Angius said they looked forward to ease of the health crisis so Galloway would have more time for other Public Information Officer projects.

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